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绿地新天地公园一品位于上大板块的西侧,总建筑面积约35万平方米,由别墅,洋房及公寓构成大型综合社区,建筑环境品质优秀,主体风格采用Art Deco的手法,是本区域的地标建筑。


Design by Sunwu

Residential Landscape / Greenland Garden Mansion

Greenland Garden Mansion is located Shanghai University large plates the west side, with a total construction area of about 350,000 square meters, the villas, houses and apartments constitute large-scale integrated communities, excellent quality built environment, the main use of Art Deco style approach.

For the residents of Greenland Garden Mansion Villa we provided a well-structured signage system. We introduced a new concept of signage by avoiding plates and sign boards. We chose matching materials that fit in the four different types of landscapes in the villa. To make our signage system complete, we also designed a concise road map.