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Type / Dynamics, Netherlands

‘Type/Dynamics’ was an exhibition that took place at The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam from November 2013 – March 2014. It consisted of two gallery installations by dutch design studio LUST dedicated to the work of the late Jurriaan Schrofer.   In the first gallery the walls are covered with enlarged detailed images of Schrofer’s work. Originals are located in vitrines with an emphasis on sketches. Also located in this gallery are two vertical screens that each present more than thousand works by Schrofer interactively in relation to the visitors’ viewing position.   The second gallery presents LUST’s interpretation of Schrofer’s work. Sensors track the visitors’ movement, while the projections subsequently respond to the position and number of visitors in the space, as well as their distance from the gallery walls. Visitors acquaint themselves with a specific topic by literally walking towards an item of interest. the typographic grid closest to the visitor then opens up and becomes more readable, while new typographic layers open up for further exploration.   Photos by Gert-Jan van Rooij